Off to Thailand

With a flower in my hair I am on my first flight, beginning the journey to Thailand. 

I will be flying for 20+ hours, add in the airport layovers, and the time changes, I will arrive in Chiang Mai around 11pm on June 22nd (that’s about noon Michigan time). Hopefully I get to see the arctic icy lands on the 14 hour flight from Chicago to Seoul. 

This past week I have been reflecting heavily on my travels to Thailand. This is a place that was home for me seven years ago. Before I begin my work in Montessori schools in Srisaket, I will visit my loving host family in Chiang Mai.

The mission: 

Well Thailand has begun training Montessori teachers and switching government public schools to Montessori schools. Wait. That’s amazing. UNESCO has funded some of the schools, and many AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) trainers have volunteered to train the teachers. Now, to support all of these amazing humans coming together for the education of children.

Many of the teachers are hoping for mentors, for other Montessori teachers to answer questions about the implementation of the method. Okay, I’ll be there tomorrow. I will be visiting many schools in Srisaket Province and staying with one of the teachers from Ban Nong Wa School.

Ban Nong Wa School

Seriously, everyone should read Dr. Maria Montessori’s books! With titles like, “To Educate the Human Potential,” and “Education and Peace,” how could you not? She truly believed that the way to have peace in the world began with the children. Some days my entire job is on the social side of learning. Teaching compassion, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and questioning. It feels like a gift to be a part of children’s lives this way.

I feel honored to be a part of a movement, a movement for education that is beyond academics. An education that celebrates the individual. Perhaps by helping the success of Thailand’s public Montessori model, other countries can learn from them. I can hope.

Airport lady