Today was a gift

Yesterday I arrived on Koh Samet. It is an island in the Gulf of Thailand. Though, the islands of Thailand are popular destinations, this one is for more relaxing and peaceful types of people. Sure some come to party, but I came here to retreat and reflect. Thank goodness I found a bungalow on the beach with a few likeminded other guests.

I fell asleep to the sound of ocean waves and woke up to the sounds of birds and a little rain. I sat on my porch looking at the ocean and drinking some coffee while I listened to my thoughts.

I realized the following: all of my time in Thailand has felt like a dream and this is because I have been living in the present moment. I have been continuously moving, seeing, experiencing, and engaging. I haven’t stopped to reflect, to step out of the moment to see the moment. Oh how beautiful it is! 

I also realized that it was in Thailand seven years ago that I learned to be fully present. What a precious and beautiful gift this place has given me. This skill has helped me to learn so much: to observe, to communicate, to be patient and kind. 

I am so grateful. 


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