Bai tiow

Bai tiow (go out for fun)

Over the past few days I have worked hard during the day, then adventured a little. My hosts love to show me around and I am so grateful! Otherwise, I may not have seen and experienced what I have so far.

Saturday we went to the candle festival in Ubon Ratchatani. It was raining, but we still had fun seeing all of the amazing carved wax floats. Such art and skill, it was beautiful!

Each Wat (temple) carved one and they are huge! They spend about 2 months making them! What a beautiful parade. It is a celebration after the Buddhist lent, and celebrates the full moon.

Next we went to the Thai silk weaving museum! Oh my it was beautiful. I was astonished at all of the work put into making the silk, and the patterns! Each part of Thailand has their own pattern! So beautiful.

Pattern made with bamboo

They also had a traditional Isaan dance performance. Isaan is the culture of North-east Thailand.

It was a full circle moment being there in a dress my friend Yana made from silk she bought in Thailand.

Then we went to “a buffet” but really it’s a place where you cook your food.

Monday we went to Laos! What a beautiful country! And I got to see the mighty Mekong river which I’ve always wanted to see. It is a very important river in SE Asia and has the most variety of large fish in the world! 

Next we climbed to Wat Phu near Pakse. What a beautiful Khmer temple from the 11th century. Previously there were temples from the 5th century but they didn’t survive. It was a ceremonial location with many steps, like a short pilgrimage on the way to heaven at the top of the mountain. 

It has a mixture of Hindu and Buddhist aspects because people from India helped build it. Today it is Buddhist.

I am so grateful to experience the beautiful of the world. To climb a mountain and see nothing but forest, water, and beautiful stone ruins was so peaceful.


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