Montessori lecture and workshop

Woah. The past two days have been full and now I am feeling so grateful to be a part of this global Montessori network. How beautiful to come support and also work together to make Montessori the best it can be.

Saturday I gave a lecture on Montessori theory for the elementary age. Then I went through all of my observations from the six schools I visited and also gave suggestions and reminders. 

Conference room

During my time in Thailand I have been a consultant sponsored by the Thai government to support their public Montessori schools. Truly an honor. 


It is amazing to bring worlds together for a common love and purpose: children and Montessori education. 

The forty teachers were happy and grateful for my help, and I was grateful to meet all of them and work with them. I think they don’t feel so alone anymore. They realize they can ask for support and help. 

It was really fun as well.

Also, I realized I have knowledge and experience to share. 

The fire mountain (volcano)
We reviewed lessons on Sunday

We talked about how important freedom is for the development of the children and also to have a love of learning. This may be the biggest point I made after observing quite structured classrooms. 

Teachers came from three districts in Thailand to be at this conference. It was a joy to work with them and inspire this work. I came from a place of understanding the difficulties and offered suggestions to help these new programs. 

I showed them photos of my classroom, and a video of the school. Now they all want to visit my school. I think knowing how old our school is gave them hope that it is a system that can work.

I also reminded them of the story of Dr. Montessori in order to focus on the point that it all started with street children in Italy. Many of the schools complained about not having enough materials and funding. I wanted to help them realize this is the case in other countries as well, but also it is thriving in others so my hope is for us all to work together. To support each other in this mission. 

We can do it if we are in it together.

Feeling happy, inspired, and loved.


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